How will Feelspace work for schools and ed. institutions?

FeelSpace helps deliver Student's Feelings to Principals, Teacher, Coaches, Counselors & Admin.

FeelSpace App Counselor Dashboard

1.  Your school, college or Ed. or Community organization will be linked to the FeelSpace System.  Register Today!

Schools, Colleges and Institutions receive alerts from students about their feelings with anonymity.

FeelSpace App School Dashboard

2.  Institutions can easily be setup in the system to receive messages and text notifications from students express their feelings or observations

Students will have a direct link, in their hands, to express their concerns without fear or shame.

FeelSpace Mobile Student App

3.  Students will download the app on their phones as instructed by institution.  They can also use the website to anonymously communicate with their institution.

how much will the Feelspace cost to institutions?

FeelSpace is Non-Profit Organization and would appreciate any donations.

Annual Institution license for unlimited messages:

  • Plan 1 - (1 - 1000) Students $1295 per year
  • Plan 2 - (1001 - 5000) Students $1995 per year
  • Plan 3 - (5001 - 10,000) Students $2995 per year
  • Plan 4 - (10,001 - 25,000) Students $3995 per year
  • Plan 5 - (25,001 -  50,000)  Students $4995 per year
  • Plan 6 - (50,001 + ) Students $5995 per year

(District and Group School Pricing is available. 

Call 1-206-785-9924 or email us at

Project Payment Terms:

We accept credit cards and or POs.  First year payment is due to start. 

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FeelSpace Mobile Student App
FeelSpace Mobile Student App